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Trash the Dress uk by Hannah Morris Photography
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trash the dress uk
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What can you expect from a Trash the Dress shoot?

A great day out, fun memories and stunning photos to last you a lifetime - A fantastic alternative for same sex marriages is a ĎTrash the Trousersí© shoot.

I talk with my clients before each shoot. I believe in getting to know my clients and their individual tastes. I try to put to ease any concerns the client may have as happy subjects make better photos. If required I can direct couples how to pose to get the best possible shots. I have plenty of lighting tricks up my sleeve and I know how to photograph you at your best.

I have had many varied requests for Trash the Dress Shoots; all of which I been able to cater for. The idea is to find a location thatís interesting or different or somewhere you wouldnít expect to see a wedding dress. If your stuck for a location I have plenty of suggestions having lived and worked in west Scotland for several years.

To put my clients mind at ease I always get permission to photograph at the locations and make sure the client has everything they may need for the shoot.If you have any ideas or suggestions during the shoot we can try them out. We can take breaks at any time and work at a pace that suits you.

After the shoot you will receive a CD of all your photos in high resolution. Once you have had a look through the images you can decide weather you want me to convert them to black and white or sepia or have any individual images digitally edited or airbrushed. I am also able to do prints should you wish to make your own album.

Some people have told me that these shoots are a waste of a good dress. But I think only wearing a dress once and leaving it to get moth balls in your wardrobe is a shame. At least this is another excuse to wear the gown on again. Some women save their wedding dresses in the hopes their daughter may wear it one day. But I donít think Iíd ever wear something my mother would have worn as fashions do change.

If possible I recommend visiting several locations before you decide on which ones you would like for your shoot. That way you can find out what facilities or hire companies are close by.

If my clients are staying at a hotel I advise them to let the hotel know about the shoot. That way the staff can run a bath for you or a have a warm flask of soup ready if itís been cold.

I own holiday accommodation where I am based on the Isle of Mull and several couples have come to Mull for their Trash the Dress shoot and have found that staying close by is much more convenient (especially if there is an early start).

Why do I do these types of photo shoots?

Because I love having the freedom to be creative, they are always fun and I like a challenge.

Some clients start out a little shy so I try to be encouraging and make them as comfortable as possible. Sometimes I make suggestions but the shoot is all about the clients wishes.

After every single Trash the Dress shoot my clients have told me how amazing they think their photos are and that it was definitely a day to remember

If you have any questions about my photo shoots please give me a call or send me an email. If you have any special requirements Iíll see what I can do. I have been doing this type of photography for a few years now and have plenty of experience shooting at different and unusual locations. I usually wear waterproofs or my drysuit. I have photographed from boats, in the sea, in trees, even from light aircraft! Whatever is required to get the best angle. My photo shoots range from the fun to downright ambitious!